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Community Health Improvement Partners (CHIP) is committed to engagement, innovation and execution within our communities. The CHIP Innovation Center will provide process, programs and support that help us all improve our creativity and innovation.

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Safe Routes to Parks and Schools


Establish a campaign of safe routes to parks and schools. In 2012-2015, an initiative began where volunteers and pare...)

Net Votes: 6 Number of Comments: 8

Recreation Center


My idea is to have a recreation center that is open and available to the entire community. We will have classes for d...)

Net Votes: 5 Number of Comments: 8

Tree Planting

Paula Hoffman Villanueva

Contact freepeople.org or another organization that could help us plant trees. Maybe City Hall would recommend where...)

Net Votes: 5 Number of Comments: 4

School Based Health Centers

Katherine Selchau

School based health centers provide direct onsite linkages to critical primary and preventive care services for child...)

Net Votes: 5 Number of Comments: 4